To grow wealth exponentially over a relatively experience shorter time takes knowledge and. Most investors prefer trading in the stock markets to achieve these ends. However, as we said before, you need to be an expert. Of course, guidance and analyses from seasoned market experts are essential too. Equity trading involves buying and selling of shares of companies in the stock market. You can do this with an equity trading account.

In India, it is mandatory to register with a brokerage house for trading in Financial Markets. PRIME Investments provides not only well-informed market tips but also research. This helps you to make the right calls on which stocks to buy and which ones to sell. You can also benefit from value-added tools for a seamless customer service experience. Let’s see what is an equity account, how to open one and its benefits.

What is an equity account?

As we said before, you need an equity trading account to be able to trade. This account enables you to buy and sell shares of companies and also hold them in a dematerialized format.

Equity account opening involves signing up for trading and demat accounts. These two will then get linked to your savings bank account (with your consent) for transferring funds. Thanks to a fully digitized process, brokerage firms like PRIME Investments provide integrated platforms for opening equity accounts.


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